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Local IT services for your business

Local IT services include desktop/laptop, server, network and printer support. Implementation and support of email, data backup and restore, VoIP telephony and video surveillance. In the local services model the client owns/provides all necessary hardware.

Local IT infrastructure

If you are just starting up you most likely will need some IT infrastructure. Or maybe you want to refresh your existing equipment? The infrastructure includes all technical assets required for the functioning of your business.

VSiT:// can procure desktops, laptops, servers or printers, operating systems and applications according to your budget and requirements of your business.

Technical Support Subscription

The regular and proper technical support is an integral requirement for the optimal functioning of your IT infrastructure.

VSiT:// offers remote and on-site (locally in your office) technical support subscription for your desktops, laptops and servers.

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Networking & resource sharing

Connecting your IT infrastructure in a network is mandatory for the optimal functioning of your team and your business. This allows resource sharing, access control and centralised management and support. 

VSiT:// can help you with the initial setup and configuration as well as with the ongoing support and extension of the network. 

Free, modern communications

If your business requires intensive voice communications with clients, partners or internally between your offices, then you certainly need to consider VoIP telephony.

VSiT:// offers effective and flexible VoIP solutions at a reasonable price.

Video surveillance systems

In case you want to keep an eye on your office, store or commercial real estate any time of the day, remotely, from anywhere – VSiT:// has a solution for you.

We implement and support flexible video surveillance systems with options for recording, motion detection and HD video quality.

Cloud services for your business

The cloud services model delivers a hardware-less solution - all necessary hardware is owned/provided by VSiT:// and the client is accessing the services remotely, using a desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

Data backup and recovery

Data backup is an automated process which regularly creates a copy of a file, folder, array or a data base. In the event of a human error, a technical crash or a hacker attack any missing data can be restored in a matter of few hours.

This type of service is recommended or even mandatory for companies working with big volumes of data, documents, personal data which must be always available and protected.

Private, business email

Any serious business requires a professional email service for its communication with clients, partners and also internally. E-mail allows cheap, quick and easy international communication. 

VSiT:// implements and supports private business email systems according to the preferences and needs of your business.

File storage and sharing

File servers allow centralised data storage and sharing between multiple users, as well as access control. 

Cloud infrastructure

If you would like to retain more control on your IT infrastructure, but at the same time want to cut costs for hardware, electricity and support, VSiT:// offers cloud infrastructure which you can rent monthly and access remotely.

Cloud applications

VSiT://’s cloud applications offer a “ready-to-go” solution for your business, excluding the technical nitty-gritty (hardware, licenses, installation, configuration and support). You simply rent the applications monthly and access them remotely

Web services for your business

Our web services help your business' presence in the Internet and your participation in e-commerce

Web site development

Your web site represents your image and your brand on the Internet. Certainly having a great web site is the best way for you to advertise your business, build your brand and reach many new clients in the digital era.

E-stores development and support

E-commerce grows in popularity each day and becomes a preferred trade method because it is easy, convenient and quick. The advantages for you are that your store is always open and accessible for a wide group of customers, you do not need to rent real estate, hire employees and spend on consumables. With minimum investment you can build a whole new sales channel. 

If you want to sell, but still do not have an e-store, VSiT:// will be happy to help you take on the challenges in e-commerce. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) has a very simple goal – it is to bring your web site (or e-store) to the attention of as many potential clients as possible. These are the users who are searching the Internet for the products or services which you are offering. 

Easily reaching your clients and vise versa is very important nowadays when people have unlimited options and opportunities on the market.

Even the most good looking and functional web site will not be effective if users don’t know about it or cannot find it easily. That is where SEO comes into play.

Support, analysis and reporting

The daily technical support and maintenance is an important service, which enables the proper functioning and security of your website. This applies for both a standard business web site with 10 pages, and a complex e-store with hundreds of pages.

Our support service includes regular full site backup, updates of the individual components, adding/removing/changing content, ongoing SEO (for new content), resolving any issues with the site and reporting on traffic and support requests

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