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VSIT's Cardano stake pool

VSIT operates a stake pool on the Cardano blockchain and offers delegation services to users globally. Our servers (nodes) are hosted in a datacenter in Germany, allowing a secure, fast and stable service.

What is Caradno?

Cardano is a state of the art, next generation blockchain technology, which allows indivuduals to exchange value (crypto currency) without the need for a trusted third party (such as a bank or a payment provider). Furthermore Cardano transactions are global, instant, secure and almost free.
Cardano is build on the foundations set by previous generation crypto currencies, using a scientific, peer-reviewed approach, computer science, mathematics and cryptography to enable a sustainable, scalable and interoperable technology. The native crypto currency which works on the Cardano blockchain is ADA.

What is a Stake pool?

A Stake pool is a special type of computer, running on the Cardano network, which validates transactions and creates new blocks, similar to what a Bitcoin miner does. Multiple, individual users delegate their stake (ADA) to one or more stake pools. When a stake pool produces a block, the stake pool owner and all delegators will receive a reward in the form of ADA.

What is delegation and how does it work

Delegation is the process where an individual Cardano user transfers the right on their stake to a stake pool. It is important to note that during delegation the user maintains complete control over their funds – they can stop or change the delegation at any time and they can also spend their ADA at any time. Depending on the stake pool’s performance (whether or not it produces blocks), all users who have delegated their stake to that particular pool will receive ADA at the end of each epoch.

Reasonable fees and margin

Stable and reliable service

Maintenance and support

Here are some details on our stake pool, provided by

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