Search Engine Optimisation
SEO for your web site

How is your web site benefiting from search engine optimisation?


Your potential customers find your web site easily


Increased free, organic traffic to your web site


Your optimised web site gives you an edge over the competition


SEO enables long term, 24 hour advertising of your web site to the most appropriate audience on the Internet

What actually is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

  • Configuring each page of your web site in a certain way, so that it is relevant to a set of keywords
  • Optimising all images, so that they show in search results
  • Optimising your content and links according to the specified keywords
  • Technical optimisation including code compression, site speed up etc.

How much does the SEO service from VSiT cost?

The price will depend based on whether we created the web site and its size, and it starts from 250 EUR for a basic web site with up to 10 pages/posts and one language version (English or Bulgarian). Feel free to contact us for any questions, more information or if you wish to start a project

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