Web site support
for your business

Every good working system requires support and maintenance.
Your web site is not an exception.

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What are the usual activities, included into the web site support and maintenance?

  • Regular web site backups, so that it can be restored in case of an incident (human error, technical crash, hacker attach etc.)
  • Timely updates of the various components and the content management system, for improved performance, security and functionality
  • Changing / removing existing content or adding new content (images, text, products, pages etc.)
  • Ongoing search engine optimisation for newly added content
  • Regular checks for errors (security, broken links and other), resolving any issues with the web site
  • Regular reports and analysis of the site's traffic and SEO results/performance

How much does web site support cost?

The price for a monthly subscription service depends on your site’s size and complexity, and starts from 75 EUR 

We also offer hourly service, the price for which is 25 EUR/h

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